Social Media Helps Brand Loyalty

More often than not, we view professional athletes as people with little-to-no special skills outside their particular sport. What we see on the field, the court, or the hockey rink is what we accept without question. Social media allows fans to see a different side of the organizations and players that they follow, and it’s with that outlet that we catch a glimpse of who they are as individuals. That being said, a lot can be taken away from what professional athletes post on their social media sites; both good and bad.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, some use it to attack the integrity of other athletes, and some use it to further the interactions with their fans in a more positive manner. Social media is a way to promote brands that are the athletes themselves. Social media gives athletes complete control over the content that they release, how and when it is released, and to what end certain posts can lead in the promotion of their individual brands, their respective organizations, or who they are when they are not in uniform fighting for raises, championships, or the affections of their fans.

Kevin Durant, shooting forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is a perfect example of how strategic social media posts show that he is much more than just an MVP (most valuable player) candidate each and every year in the NBA. Durant takes the time to engage and reply to fans and provides real opinions on major stories in the news, not just sports. He also actively participates in campaigns to raise awareness throughout the community. Recently, he’s been the image of the “Strong and Kind” campaign to promote kindness throughout the world. Here are some of his tweets:


As you can see he interacts with fans, promotes causes he believes in, and supports his peers in the causes that they believe in. Kevin Durant is but one example of how engagement and personality can do wonders in promoting your personal brand. Durant isn’t afraid to think big with his continuous promotion of the causes and programs he believes in, and he stays active with his followers. Durant, like many other professional athletes, are using social media as a way to connect with fans, promote organizations and even promote themselves off the court. Athletes can use social media to create a long-lasting brand loyalty; they just have to take the initiative.


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