Stephen Curry

I’ve blogged recently on how professional athletes do not use social media in the most productive of ways. Certain professional athletes, however, do use social media as a way to connect with their fans in a way that really allows them to show their appreciation for their fans loyalty. Stephen Curry, shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors, goes above and beyond to show his fans how much he appreciates them. Curry, known for his work ethic, ridiculous shooting accuracy and team leadership, has used social media, primarily twitter, to create and cultivate relationships with fans off the court.

An example of how he goes about encouraging more personal fan interactions is that of a contest he posted via twitter. Curry urged followers to video themselves making a trick shot that Curry would then try and make himself. The winner, or best trick shot I assume, would get a voicemail greeting from Curry. In January, teenager Jeff Lorenz made a trick shot, sent the video and was shocked at his price. Instead of a voicemail greeting, Curry threw a party at Lorenz’s home in Philadelphia. Luckily for Lorenz and Curry, their schedules lined up just right for the event and thus this became an example of how a little effort can go a long way in bridging the gap between professional athletes and their fans.

This is just but an example of how Curry has interacted positively with his following. Curry has done multiple contests and prize giveaways via twitter and will continue to do so because he believes that social media is his “own news outlet.”

Go follow Stephen Curry for more information regarding future contests at


Athletes who speak with fans through their social media by contests, giveaways, or even through tweet conversations know the positive reach it can have on relationships with their fans. Those interactions allow those athletes to seem approachable, grounded and somewhat normal despite the continuous production demanded of them on a daily basis.

What more could athletes do to create a more positive social media presence? What athletes do you follow that do similar contests to interact with fans? How do you feel this helps the athletes reputation, and that of the organization as well?





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