Racism in the NBA

Over the past few days, coverage surrounding the remarks of Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling has provoked numerous tweets from NBA players. Tweets on racism and the owner himself has sparked a major discussion on the arrogance of racism and how situations such as this should be handled.

To summarize the situation, an audio recording was released of Donald Sterling making racist remarks to his girlfriend based on an Instagram post she posted with Hall of Fame basketball player, Magic Johnson. The National Basketball Association is currently investigating into this recording. As a result of what has been presented to the media, many people, not just professional basketball players, have taken to twitter to discuss the issue.

Magic Johnson, the apparent central focus for the remarks, tweeted this…


Other players tweeted their thoughts on the matter focusing on their respect for Clippers players for continuing to play their scheduled games and maintaining their presence among their fans…


Some players even went on to speak on racism in general and how they believe it to be “naive” and arrogant…


The Los Angeles Clippers chose to protest silently on the comments made by Donald Sterling as opposed to speak publicly on the matter. The Clippers threw their warmups down at the center court and have been wearing practice jerseys inside out as a means to protest the owner. Other franchises, such as the Miami Heath, have done so in protest as well. There’s no room in this world for racism. Sterling’s comments were negative, demeaning, and offensive to not only the Los Angeles Clippers, but to the African American community as a whole. What do you think should result from this situation?



source: espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/10843915/nba-players-twitter-react-donald-sterling-tmz-audio



  1. I am obviously posting after the decision was made about what to do with Sterling, but I am so happy with the outcome. I could not agree more with Adam Silver’s plan to ban him for life and fine him the maximum amount possible in the NBA. The comments that were made were honest and disgusting and he doesn’t deserve to be around the Clippers, or any franchise for that matter. The worst part is the journalists who continue to make the situation worse. A writer for the LA Times made a comment that if Donald Sterling wanted to stay in the sports industry he should buy a hockey team. I do not find this funny, especially with Wayne Simmonds scoring a hat trick tonight for the Flyers. Maybe she should re-evaluate herself.

    All in all I am happy with the NBA’s plan for Sterling and I hope to never see his face in the news again.

    • I completely agree with what you said about what the reporter said about Sterling buying a hockey team. There is no place for that mentality in any industry. Personally, I’m completely content with Silver’s punishment. Sterling should be banned from the Clippers, and the NBA, in general. I know that he was penalized the maximum amount possible and I couldn’t be happier about this ruling. For Silver’s first big decision, I say he did it right.

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