Athlete vs. Athlete via Twitter

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Richard Sherman, defensive back for the Seattle Seahawks, and Michael Crabtree, wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, provided their followers with a prime example of a negative interaction between athletes on social media. Following an intense game in the NFC championship and a heated exchange of words and actions, both of these athletes posted comments about each other on twitter.

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These social media interactions fueled an on-going crisis for the reputations of both players, as well as their respected organizations. This example became the face of twitter beef for sports fans because 1) it is recent, and 2) because it created animosity between fans of both of those organizations (as if they needed it).

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.31.19 AM

Personally, I thought both athletes let their emotions following that game get the most of them. Social media should be a platform for connection and a means to bridge the gap of communication between Tweeter and follower, not for bashful means aimed for taunting purposes. What do you think about this specific example? Or of any instance of “twitter beef” between professional athletes?








  1. I definitely agree that Twitter is no place for athletes to taunt or fight with others. It makes both parties look bad, regardless of who initiated it.

    I appreciate that you included photos from the event as well as the screenshots of the tweets because that made it easy to follow along.

  2. It really helped that you added in the screenshots of the actual tweets. Personally, I do not follow many professional athletes on twitter and was shocked to find that this sort of interaction goes on. I know being competitive is their life but this seems like they are fueling the fire to start a crisis.

  3. I agree that this entire situation was blown out of proportion, by both parties. It gives athletes everywhere a bad name when shots are fired on social media. Especially because you can screenshot it and save it forever. I like that you detailed everything with images and the actual tweets, it made it super simple to follow.

    • It not only gives the athletes a bad name but it also gives the organization a bad reputation. I feel like it makes the organization look like they have no control over their players, regardless if they are exercising their right to free speech. It doesn’t look good for any party involved and when the media takes hold of situations like this then it’s almost impossible to bury the hatchet among the players. That rivalry will be spectated on even more than before due to the high-level of emotions held by both players and their reactions to the situation. Sportsmanship should be a quality held in higher regard and the millions of fans out there watching this type of behavior deserve better. This situation doesn’t help the influence those players have on future generations and future athletes.

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