Social Media isn’t for the faint of heart

Professional athletes who use social media go through continuous scrutiny with fans and other athletes. Whether through their interactions with other athletes, or something as simple as tweeting the specifics regarding an injury, every time an athlete posts on social media they become a target for bombardment. The attached article discusses examples of social media warfare between athletes and their fans, as well as provides helpful hints and tips in handling and taming your audience. A prime example from the article is that of Stephen Curry, guard for the Golden State Warriors, a professional basketball team in the NBA. In his experience, Curry has been sidelined by injuries on numerous occasions. One specific instance was that when Curry had an ankle injury in the 2011-2012 season and was immediately met with followers saying things like, “my fantasy team is done. You screwed my whole draft.”

Many more examples are provided in the article much like that of Curry’s which leaves athletes to wonder how social media can actually be used in a way that mutually benefits themselves, as well as their followers without meeting scrutiny. I guess it goes without saying that you can’t please everyone, especially when you are a public figure in the limelight. My favorite piece of advice: don’t say anything stupid. Take a look and tell me what you think!





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